123.HP.Com Printer Setup Guide With our Assistance

If you’ve decided to buy a new computer or printer for your home but don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting it up or don’t know how the 123 Com Printer Setup team is ready to help. We are an IT support team that can help you with almost any device that can connect to the internet. We can set up new computers, upgrade existing hardware, load software, install new equipment, and connect any other devices to make sure everything works well together. For your convenience, we will also show you how to use your new computer or printer.

Choose HP Printer Model for Setup, Download Driver or Troubleshooting

HP Envy Printers

Our local IT team can handle every step of the installation process, from putting the pieces together to connecting them to other devices and getting it up and running.

OfficeJet Pro printers

If you're having trouble with your HP OfficeJet printer, give us a call right away. We'll fix all of the problems you're having right now.

HP DeskJet Ink Printers

Call our expert to find a solution for your HP DeskJet printer problems today.

HP LaserJet Printers

If you need help with your HP LaserJet printers, on the phone, our experts can solve all of your problems.

Steps To Setup 123 HP Com- New Wireless HP Printer Setup Guide

Are you Trying to Get your New 123 HP Com Printer to work? Here are the basic steps you need to take to set up almost any printer.

    • Plug the power cord into the printer and make sure it’s on.
    • Connect the Printer to the Computer with the Cable that came with it. And if you have a Wireless Printer, the Process will be different. We will talk more about that later.
    • Find the settings for your printer on your computer. If you have a Windows computer, go to the Control Panel to find these. If you have a Mac, go to System Preferences to find them.
    • Look for the option to add a printer, then follow the on-screen instructions.
    • It’s time to print something now! You could print this test page as an example. After clicking on the link, go to File > Print in your web browser’s menu, or press Ctrl+P (or Command+P on a Mac) on your keyboard.
    • A window will pop up. Find the new printer in the list and select it. Then click Print.
    • After that, the item will be printed. But don’t worry if it doesn’t work! You can try some of the ideas below to solve common problems.

Questions People Usually Ask

Yes. We can show you how to set up a printer that is close to you. Our experts can change the settings on your printer to fit your needs, hook it up to a wireless network, and make sure it’s connected to a computer. We’ll even show you how to print from a tablet or smartphone.

Yes, we can show you how to set up your printer network so that you can print from a smartphone or iPad.

Yes, we show you how to set up your printer so you can use a wireless network to print from your iPhone.

Yes. We can help you connect to a Wi-Fi network and set up a local wireless printer so you can print documents or photos from anywhere in your house.